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        Caustic Soda Project of SP Chemicals (Taixing) Co., Ltd.

        Time:2015-09-27 Click:3635

            SP Chemicals (Taixing) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore's SP Chemicals Co., Ltd. Founded on December 30, 1995. After several times of expansion and development, the company has the caustic soda equipment with an annual production of 750,000 tons of ionic membrane, the equipment with an annual production of 500,000 tons of vinyl chloride, the equipment with an annual production of 320,000 tons of styrene, the equipment with an annual production of 185,000 tons of nitrobenzene, the equipment with an annual production of 130,000 tons of aniline and owned thermal power plant.

            Our company has provided the caustic soda project of SP Chemicals (Taixing) Co, .Ltd. with 40 units of rectifier cabinet, 40 units of steady flow control cabinet and 6 sets of rectifying automation control system of position machine. The engineering project produces with an annual output of 750,000 tons, electrolytic series utilize the technology of ionic membrane’s electrolyzer, each series installs 318 units, the first and the second electrolytic series both have 7 sets of diode rectifier units.

            The products of SP Chemicals (Taixing) Co., Ltd. are widely used in the areas of petrochemicals, textiles, papermaking, consumer goods, plastic products, rubber products, dyes, medicine, metallurgy and protective products. It is one of the most competitive chemical industry at home. Our cooperation is nearly two decades, we have a good cooperative relationship, there are a number of follow-up cooperative opportunities for the multi-phase projects, it is one of our important manufacturers for the use of equipments.


        Rectifying and operating units of ionic membrane