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      1. ZE (H) S series of High-power and Hierarchical Thyristor rectifier

          Product performance: Gathering the Characteristics of thyristor and hierarchical structure, rigorous technology, complete protection system, advanced control technology and perfect structure. It is suitable for a variety of large DC power supply and special DC power supply (such as the utilization of lone-grid power supply mode of the isolated network).


          DC output parameters: voltage ≤1580V, current (single cabinet) ≤60kA.


          Structural features: less losses, low noise, high safety coefficient, high-voltage, good effects of steady flow, low electrical corrosion, high current efficiency, convenient maintenance and low operating costs.


          Application: High-power electrolytic DC power (aluminum, magnesium electrolysis, salt electrolysis, electric furnace of graphite, electric furnace of silicon carbide, other metal electrolyses and similar loads).