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      1. KE (H) S Series of High-power, Noninverting and Inverse Parallel

          Product performance: Owning to its rational design, mature technology, its adjustable current from 0 to 100 percent,they can greatly increase the safety coefficient, reduce the loaded progression and the number of gear operations, effectively save operating costs, improve current efficiency and finally provide the electrolytic aluminum industry with a stable, secure and reliable DC power.


          DC output parameters: voltage ≤1580V, current (single cabinet) ≤60kA.


          Structural features: Less eddy, good effects of average current, high security, high precision of steady flow, low AC losses, high current efficiency, less operations of loaded switch and low operating costs.


          Application: High-power electrolytic DC power (aluminum, magnesium electrolysis, salt electrolysis, electric furnace of graphite, electric furnace of silicon carbide, other metal electrolyses and similar loads).